Tobacco Retail Display Ban

Retail Display Ban is a legal restriction imposed on sales of tobacco products. Constant amendments and directives are certain and unavoidable and have already been introduced in many countries. Strict regulations enforce a change in the approach of selling tobacco products. The need to hide tobacco products means that the appearance of shop equipment has to be changed completely and old backwalls and overheads have to be adjusted or replaced with new ones.

As Perfecta, we have many years of experience in providing smart solutions to the markets subject to sales and advertising restrictions. We are not working only to introduce and prepare JTI branches for a smooth transition to RDB environment. Our big knowledge and experience allows us not to lose the functionality and marketing value of new equipment. We are constantly looking for competitive advantages in a completely new situation in the stores

In response to changes in the law on tobacco sales, we have developed two systems that respond to all the needs of markets with RDB, both when buying new products and changing existing products.



  • installed in a new backwall or dispenser
  • screen the products by showing the selected customer area when selling
  • can open all the flaps at once or have each flap open separately
  • presentation of marketing communications
  • comes in several colors
  • works smoothly
  • enables key locking, which protects the product
  • the system can be attached to the shelf at a later time
  • simple system – failure-free


  • they can be installed in a new backwall or an existing model
  • quick and easy installation which does not interfere with the current use of backwall in the store
  • automatic closing option
  • covers the entire surface of the backwall, showing half when selling
  • the entire door surface is printed, which allows you to present individual graphics or marketing communications
  • it is possible to hang feeder posters from the front
  • they work lightly and smoothly, failure-free
  • durable construction adapted to continuous work

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rdb sliding doors on the markets

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We are experts in the field of RDB, we are also happy to help you choose and adapt the system to your needs. We will do our best so that you can easily overtake the competition in completely changed game conditions.

Tomasz Banaś
Sales Leader

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Sales Manager